Here is a list of Easy Toll Free Name Numbers

800-CRAIG 800-TODD 800-LISA 800-ASK-JOEY 800-LORI 800-OWEN 800-TONY 800-JONES 800-JUAN 800-DANNY 800-BILL 800-MIGUEL 800-ERIC 800-GARY 800-STAN 800-BRETT 800-LARRY 800-JENNY 800-NICK 800-TELL-MIKE 800-RYAN 800-MARK 800-KEVIN 800-DAVID 800-GREGG 800-BLACK 800-ANDY 800-PAUL 800-BOB 800-GARY 800-RICK 800-AARON 800-SCOTT
It’s very important for branding to have an 800 number because it makes you look a lot more professional, a lot bigger, more like a bigger company.

So it makes you a lot bigger than you actually be. The cool thing is you don’t need any fancy phone system, or internet cables or big phones in your office or your home.

It actually can work and forward all the calls directly to your personal cellphone number or any number that you want. You can also make calls from your cellphone using the iPhone or android app calling out with an 800 number or with a local number as well, if you like.